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-Dingxiang County, Xinzhou City, grasping party building to promote transformation and promoting economic and social development documentary editor's note: the results of the city's target responsibility assessment in 2017 have been announced. In order to give full play to the role of "baton", "weather vane" and "booster" of target responsibility assessment, encourage and guide all counties (cities, districts) and municipal departments to take the advanced as an example, find gaps, determine measures and make practical moves, and strive for the first-class standards in 2018, with greater determination, more practical measures, and better results to create a new situation in work, this newspaper has successively published Dingxiang, who won the top three counties (cities, districts) in the 2017 target responsibility assessment.


-- Dingxiang County, Xinzhou City, grasp the party to promote the transformation of economic and social development documentary
Editor's note: the results of the city's target responsibility assessment in 2017 have been announced. In order to give full play to the role of "baton", "weather vane" and "booster" of the target responsibility assessment, encourage and guide all counties (cities, districts) and municipal departments to take the advanced as an example, find gaps, set measures and come up with practical measures, strive to be the first in 2018, and create a new situation with greater determination, more practical measures and better results, starting from today, this newspaper has successively published long-form documentary newsletters from Dingxiang, Kelan, and Xinfu counties (cities, districts) that won the top three in the 2017 target responsibility assessment. The strong atmosphere of catching up and striving for the top, encouraging and spurring the city's party members and cadres and the general public to work hard, work hard, and innovate and implement the "1661" development strategy, to make new and greater contributions to the city's transformation and development and comprehensive poverty alleviation and comprehensive well-off!
In May, Dingxiang was full of green vegetation and vitality. In Dingxiang in May, officials started their own businesses and were full of lofty sentiments.
Recently, good news came from the municipal assessment office. In the 2017 target responsibility assessment work, Dingxiang County won the crown of the city's 2017 comprehensive assessment with the first excellent result.
As the smallest county in the city, it does not have any mineral resources. Why did Dingxiang achieve outstanding results in the city's annual comprehensive assessment and stand out? What is the mystery?
1. big party building to lift the network to the outline, thousands of eyes are open
Establish guidance, clarify responsibilities, and achieve new breakthroughs in the implementation of grassroots party building work. The Dingxiang County Party Committee insisted on focusing on party building as a political achievement and putting political construction in the first place. It issued the "Regarding the strengthening of the" three basic construction "in the promotion of the normalization and institutionalization of" two studies and one doing "learning and education, and the construction of the county's large party building pattern A series of documents such as" Implementation Opinions "and" Implementation Plan "clearly focus on" three basic construction "and firmly grasp the main theme of" comprehensive and strict governance, clearly take strengthening the leadership of party building as the foundation, create a grass-roots service-oriented party organization as the starting point, and take the standardized construction of grass-roots organizations as the key, mobilize the whole county, participate in the whole people, and go all out to build a large-scale party building pattern of joint management, coordinated operations, and joint efforts to consolidate the foundation of party building at the grass-roots level, and gather the forces of all parties under the bright party banner, To form a good situation, it provides a strong political and organizational guarantee for Dingxiang to be the vanguard of county economic development.
Consolidate the foundation, strengthen services, grass-roots organization construction has made new expansion. Dingxiang County takes "grasping party building, strengthening the three foundations, and promoting development" as the general idea of party building work, and "building a large party building pattern that is horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end, overall coverage, and multi-party linkage" as a platform, and combines party building work with targeted poverty alleviation. Combine party building with industrial development, and use party building to lead industrial development, use industry to boost the income of the masses; combine party building work with project construction, and truly "focus on party building around projects and promote development around party building".
"Party building can only be carried out when it is carried out, but not when it is completed. Party committee secretaries should not only be good at fine work but also at overall planning." Zhang Wenbin, secretary of the county party committee, strengthened the political leadership of the county party committee over the overall work and "propositions" on the party building work of the county on different occasions ".
He served as the leader of the county's "three basic construction" work leading group, took the lead in solving the problem, went deep into Nanzhuang village, Tan village and Qiu village to carry out special investigation, strengthened the implementation of the work, and solved more than 20 key and difficult problems of Party building at the grass-roots level.
He presided over 13 standing committees to study party building work, and held 6 county-wide party building work promotion meetings and "three basic construction" on-site meetings to strengthen the implementation of responsibilities. By determining the five major goals and nine tasks of the county's "three basic construction" to strengthen the foundation, make up for shortcomings, improve capacity, create brands and promote development, 69 128 sub-projects have been identified, the lead unit, implementation unit and completion time limit have been identified one by one, and follow-up supervision and implementation have been strengthened. 28 times in-depth follow-up and supervision of grass-roots party organizations such as Nanlinmu, Housing and Construction Bureau and Construction Bureau and Hengyue Company.
Zhang Shengming, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, has repeatedly visited relevant townships and county units to investigate the work of party building at the grass-roots level, repeatedly talked to members of the "two committees" of the village, as well as party members and representatives of the masses, and guided the formulation of "one village, one policy." select and strengthen the "two committees" of the village to solve the problems of weak party organization cohesion, low service level, low service level, and low mass satisfaction rate.
The county party committee secretary and county magistrate took the lead in party building, which has become a beautiful landscape highly recognized by Dingxiang party members and cadres.
Pay attention to training, enhance the ability, the quality of grass-roots organizations to achieve a new upgrade. Under the guidance of "standardization of selection and employment, normalization of six inspections and six evaluations, universalization of training and education, and documentary work of cadres", Dingxiang strengthened cadre training and strictly implemented three measures, effectively improving the cohesion, appeal, combat effectiveness, credibility and execution of Party members and cadres. At the same time, we should strengthen supervision and strengthen accountability, so that cadres at all levels can have precepts on their heads, have a clear idea in their hearts, have work in their eyes, have moves in their hands, and have roots under their feet. They can stand, stand firmly, be loyal to the party, be honest and self-disciplined, and be a promising official.
Innovative carrier, outstanding characteristics, "party building" to help precision poverty alleviation show new results. Dingxiang County actively establishes new positions for party building, vigorously promotes the "same frequency resonance" of party building work and the comprehensive management of social security, letters and visits to maintain stability, project construction, and beautiful rural construction. Promote the construction of the party-mass service center to make it a position for grassroots party organization activities, a window for public services, and a home for rural cadres and groups to build and share.
"Party building work in the new era must keep pace with the times and speed up innovation. It is better to build a good branch than to give money and things!" Zhao Yafeng, member of the standing Committee of the Dingxiang County CPC Committee and minister of organization, felt deeply: in the final analysis, the important task of getting rid of poverty depends on strong rural grass-roots party organizations to launch, promote, and implement.
In order to strengthen the leading role of party building in the daily work at the grassroots level, Dingxiang County has steadily promoted the construction of a number of "party building" projects such as "party building targeted poverty alleviation" and "party building industry development. Implementation of a year, the effect is good. On October 20 last year, the city's party building meeting was successfully held in Dingxiang County, and the party building work in Dingxiang County was fully affirmed by the municipal party committee and municipal government.
A piece of good-growing watermelon, pepper, cement road, fully functional villagers' activity center, the figure of hard work in the fields ...... In a harmonious scene of Pingdong She Village, the first secretary of the village, Wu Juan, said that through the establishment of a "party organization company base for poor households" model, the village's traditional planting industry was revitalized, the collective economy "zero" breakthrough, to ensure that all 14 poor households out of poverty.
Hu Quanxi, secretary of the party branch and director of the village committee of Beiguan Village, Jinchang Town, did not forget to feed back the villagers when he became rich, and bravely shouldered a heavy burden. After taking office, he paid great attention to "party building" and did a number of practical things about people's livelihood. in the past, the poor village has undergone magnificent changes, and the beautiful scenery of a new countryside is being displayed in the sweat of Hu Quanxi and other party members and cadres.
The party building has brought real and great changes to Dingxiang: the in-depth development of innovative activities and the rectification and implementation of party building issues have effectively boosted the spirit of party members and cadres, and cadres have more confidence in grassroots party building. The cohesion and charisma of the party organization have been significantly enhanced, and the party and the masses have worked together to paint a moving picture of poverty alleviation and grassroots party building on the land of Dingxiang.
2. Grasping Reform to Promote Transformation, Momentum
"Only the reformers advance, only the innovators are strong, only the reform innovators win" "to the determination of ten thousand fold will not look back and the courage of the Great Wall is not a hero, to promote the county's reform deployment to take root" ...... As the county to deepen the reform of the "chief designer", the county party secretary Zhang Wenbin's speech hit the floor. He repeatedly asked the whole county to "plan and promote reforms with a higher position, greater intensity, and a stronger atmosphere, and be the vanguard and lead in the city's comprehensive deepening of reforms".
Over the past year, Dingxiang County to the problem of forced reform, focus on innovation, thick plant development advantages, to nail the spirit of grasping the reform landing results, comprehensively promote the reform work upgrade ...... A number of reform matters in the province and even the forefront of the country, for the economic and social to achieve better and faster development has injected a strong impetus.
Problem-oriented, build reform four beams and eight pillars. Dingxiang takes reform as a main line leading the whole county and throughout the year. The county party committee held 13 standing committees to study the deep reform work, the county's deep reform work leading group held 17 leading group meetings to make specific arrangements, and the county government held 66 county-wide deep reform work special promotion meetings to supervise and implement reforms in various fields, and the county has successively issued 67 reform documents to promote the implementation of various reform measures. In particular, the implementation of "1245" reform measures in the primary industry, the promotion of agricultural supply-side structural reform, the implementation of "12427" reform measures in the secondary industry, the promotion of Dingxiang flange forging industry innovation and development, transformation and upgrading, the implementation of "223" reform measures, to promote the rapid development of the tertiary industry. The package of reform measures has established the "four beams and eight pillars" of comprehensive reform, which has effectively promoted the all-round economic and social development of Dingxiang.
--- Take the problem as the orientation, strive to break through a number of leading, exemplary, and basic reform projects, grasp the outline and lead the goal, and make continuous efforts to achieve "one force for one reform, one plan for one reform, and one list for one reform".
--- Clarify tasks and strengthen implementation. Adhering to the principle of "grasping the top leaders and grasping the top leaders", the main leaders of the county Party committee and the county government personally made plans and made arrangements, grasping the implementation at all levels, and releasing a strong signal of "being determined to grasp the implementation of reform. We will take system construction as the main starting point for promoting reform, introduce performance evaluation methods for reform projects, further improve the working mechanisms such as supervision and coordination, evaluation and incentive, and accountability, specify the reform plan and project the reform tasks, refine and formulate the reform timetable and road map, clarify the time nodes and schedule requirements one by one, implement targeted and precise policies, and push forward the reform in various fields in depth and in an all-round way.
Break through the key points and make up for the short board of reform. In 2017, there were 42 reform points in Dingxiang County, of which 22 were actively pursued and focused on. Over the past year, the main leaders of the county have resolutely been the "construction team leader", making comprehensive efforts, making multiple breakthroughs, and advancing in depth, and various reform tasks have been advanced in an orderly manner. Adhere to the deepening of reform as a key measure to solve difficult problems, highlight the key points, grasp the key points, comprehensively grasp the implementation of various tasks, actively and steadily promote the comprehensive deepening of reform, and actively explore that conforms to the reality of Dingxiang, reflects the characteristics of Dingxiang, and has the characteristics of the times. The road to comprehensively deepen reform.
After several rounds of arduous reform and exploration, Dingxiang has embarked on a new road driven by reform and innovation in resource-free areas. Barriers have been broken, problems have been solved, reforms have released more dividends, the people's sense of gain has continued to increase, and the happiness index has increased.
Looking at the history of reform in Dingxiang for a year, almost every page is moving forward tenaciously in the interweaving of innovation and change, struggle and rise. Dingxiang promoted the comprehensive deepening of reform, made rapid and steady progress, and wrote a vivid chapter of comprehensively deepening reform.
3. strong industry to build a base, flowers bloom
In response to the existing problems, Dingxiang, on the one hand, expands and strengthens traditional industries through transformation and upgrading, and on the other hand, introduces and develops new industries through investment promotion, and coordinated development of the three industries to create a new pattern of "one capital and four bases" and a strong and diversified industry.
Focusing on the "one goal" of the world's flange forging capital, firmly grasping the two key points of integration and reorganization and innovation management, accurately aiming at the "four paths" of transformation from low-end flange to high-end flange, transformation from flange to automobile and construction machinery forgings, transformation from forged steel flange to titanium and aluminum magnesium alloy flange, transformation from parts to complete parts, and fully implementing the "12427" reform measures, actively set up two platforms, the "China Forging Association Secretary General Meeting" and the "National Large Forging Academic Conference and Dingxiang County Flange Forging Industry Summit Forum", to create seven brands, which have strongly promoted the extension and connotation of the flange industry in the county to accelerate the transformation, and comprehensively enhanced the influence of Dingxiang flange forging industry. At present, five brands of national export flange forging product quality and safety demonstration zone, national green forging industry demonstration base, national export flange forging product technical trade measures research and evaluation base, Shanxi small and medium-sized enterprise entrepreneurship and innovation base demonstration county, Taiyuan customs Yongwang logistics park bonded warehouse and import and export supervision warehouse have been successfully established, and the national flange forging product quality supervision and inspection center and China export flange forging quality and technology promotion committee have been basically established successfully, waiting for AQSIQ acceptance listing. All of these have won the "golden" signboard of policy support for the development of Dingxiang.
Dingxiang is proud: from the initial stage of the flange forging industry to the brand-new stage of becoming stronger, 2017 has set a new milestone.
Special agricultural products base to achieve new breakthroughs. Intensify the reform of the agricultural supply side, and vigorously adjust the planting structure: the county's facility agriculture has developed to 10000 mu, and pepper planting is 50000 mu; 30 modern agricultural demonstration areas have been built, and 10 standardized production bases have been built. Dingxiang melon "Xiang melon" brand has become a national geographical indication certification products. A large-scale agricultural industrialization project was launched, and the Yizhong source small grain processing project with an investment of 0.2 billion yuan was put into operation. The small grain processing project of Shantou Group with an investment of 1.31 billion yuan is progressing smoothly. The Wenshi Group's 400000 pig breeding integration project with an investment of 0.51 billion yuan has started construction, and the first batch of commercial pigs in breeding areas will start to be put on the market around the Spring Festival. At the same time, new industries and new formats have become a new bright spot to drive farmers to increase their income and become rich. Typical examples such as comprehensive development demonstration bases such as 10,000 mu of lotus root and asparagus rice in Jifu Temple, 1,000 mu of rice experimental base in Pingdong Society, Chenjiaying Zhongyou grape base and Shijiagang silkworm breeding base have emerged. Jifu Temple Leisure Farm has become a national rural entrepreneurship and innovation park.
Electric power equipment manufacturing base to achieve new breakthroughs. With the advantage of Dingxiang wind power enterprise cluster, Tianbao Group, Shuanghuan Group, Zhongbiao Group and Jinrui Group are supported to extend the industrial chains of wind turbines and towers. Relying on key enterprises such as Shanxi Liguo Magnetic Materials Company, Sino-US Joint Venture Shibi Power Station Air Cooling Equipment Company, Jida Transformer Company and Sait Electronics Company, the specialization and complete production of power equipment manufacturing products are realized.
Global tourism base construction to achieve new breakthroughs. The introduction of mountain investment group to integrate the county's tourism resources, innovative scenic system mechanism, to create a global tourism base. The former residence of Yan Xishan by the river is creating a national 5A-level scenic spot, and the Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area has become a national five-star demonstration enterprise for leisure agriculture and rural tourism. At the same time, the Qiyan Mountain Scenic Area and the Yishan Temple Scenic Area are actively creating 3A-level scenic spots, and the Dongyu Natural Scenic Area and Xishe Second Continuation of the former residence is increasing infrastructure construction. The successful holding of cultural activities such as Melon Festival, Rural Tourism Festival and Dongyu Persimmon Festival, as well as the interaction of culture and tourism, are forming a global tourism base for cultural leisure and ecological health preservation.
Modern logistics base to build a new breakthrough. The city's attention bonded warehouses and export supervision warehouses have all been completed and put into use; the park's e-commerce platform, No. 3 logistics building, and steel market yard have been completed and put into operation; the main project of the agricultural and sideline products processing project has been completed and the warehouse is under construction; 1200 sets of public rental housing have all been capped and supporting facilities are being improved; the 6000 square meter Pioneer Park has been completed and more than 200 enterprises have settled.
Attracting investment has achieved remarkable results and achieved new breakthroughs. Held the "Welcome to the Fellow Hometown and Build Hometown" New Year Conference, held China (Dingxiang) Malawi cultural and economic exchange activities, held the Aeon International Logistics Park special investment promotion meeting, extensively participated in major investment promotion activities across the country, and organized companies to Hannover, Germany, Houston, USA participated in the Expo, and went to the UAE to participate in the 20th Middle East Abu Dhabi Oil Exhibition. At the same time, the investment promotion center and the development zone management committee were set up, the "one district and three parks" were planned and constructed, and three wind power generation projects with a total investment of 2 billion yuan were signed; the investment promotion activities were successfully carried out in Tianjin, xiong'an new area and Wen'an, Hebei Province, and the strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Tianjin casting and forging association, which laid the foundation for the transfer of Hebei clothing, plush toy industry and Tianjin forging industry.
Focusing on the major projects, demonstration parks, and industrial bases clearly supported in the national plan, carefully selected projects, reserved dozens of high-end, high-quality, and high-efficiency projects, and enriched and improved the Dingxiang "two-zone" construction project library.
"We have focused on striving for projects, cultivated and expanded advantageous industries, and vigorously promoted the overall upgrading of Dingxiang's economy." County Magistrate Zhang Shengming said.
4. doing practical things to benefit the people's livelihood and be full of happiness.
Dingxiang insists on being in power for the people, strives to solve the most direct and practical interests of the masses, and makes the impossible possible. It has become a large number of practical things that can be seen and felt, a large number of difficult things that have been wanted to do for many years but have not been done, a large number of major events that seek long-term foundation and increase stamina, and a large number of good things that focus on people's livelihood and improve people's sense of happiness and security.
The fight against poverty has achieved remarkable results. Fully implement 24 actions of 9 major projects, and solidly carry out special actions for self-examination and self-correction and supervision and inspection in the field of poverty alleviation. The leaders of the four sets of county teams took the lead in investigating and solving problems at the front line of townships and villages. 42 assistance units, 55 first secretaries, 57 assistance enterprises, and 275 village staff members were "people, heart, responsibility, and support". A large number of party members and cadres took root at the grassroots level to really help and effectively improve the accuracy of poverty alleviation work and the satisfaction of the masses. In 2017, 3045 people in the county were lifted out of poverty and 19 poor villages withdrew.
People's livelihood practical solid progress. Successfully passed the national acceptance and became a county for the balanced development of national compulsory education; the county people's hospital medical group was established, various medical insurance policies were implemented, and the problems of expensive and distant medical treatment for the masses were gradually solved. Nine major projects have been implemented, the three major battles of coal-to-gas, central heating, and river governance have been carried out, and a large number of people's livelihood facts such as the three major battles of water, soil, and gas have been carried out, and the living environment of the people has been continuously optimized.
5. strict assessment and encouragement, ten thousand horses galloping
The times are the examiners, we are the examiners, and the people are the examiners. The General Secretary's words were enlightening.
When the examination paper is out, how to answer it determines success or failure.
Dingxiang County regards the assessment as a "touchstone" for testing cadres and a "racetrack" for starting a business. At the beginning of the year, according to the overall goal of economic and social development and the goals and tasks assigned by the city, Dingxiang County formulated the "examination paper" in combination with the actual situation of each unit, and refined the one-year work for Party organization secretaries at all levels, and signed the "military order" at various levels, and effectively achieved the responsibility in place and the implementation of the work in accordance with the project management method, and implemented the monthly reporting and monthly notification system to ensure the orderly progress of the work. In the assessment process, the assessment process is standardized according to the principle of "one step in place, one rod ruler, one rod to the end. Focus on "hard".
Pay attention to the assessment of multi-level, all-round, comprehensive. Process assurance project segmentation, quantitative indicators. In-depth integration of party building and central work, detailed, quantified, and project-based tasks, explored and established a party building assessment and evaluation mechanism based on usual assessments and supplemented by year-end assessments, which promoted the implementation of grassroots party building work. Focus on "fine".
By comprehensively using various means of assessment, going deep into the grass-roots level and implementing the front-line work method, we have truly achieved that the work is carried out on the front line, the problems are found on the front line, the contradictions are solved on the front line, the experience is summarized on the front line, and the results are tested on the front line. It shows "real".
Dingxiang also adheres to the combination of quantitative assessment and qualitative assessment, leadership assessment and mass assessment, changes the practices of telephone data, mail reporting, meeting listening and reporting, etc., on-site office work and on-site inspection, extends target management to the forefront, penetrates into all aspects of daily work, and makes all kinds of work check in peacetime, evaluation in peacetime and promotion in peacetime. Responsibility for the progress of the ongoing investigation, the effect of the completed investigation, the reasons for the uncompleted investigation, and the existing problems.
Such a "big test" allows Dingxiang County direct agencies and towns to have standards for every post, and everyone has indicators on their shoulders, effectively eliminating "doing and not doing the same" and "doing good and bad".
Assessment of thousands of articles, the most responsible. Dingxiang combined the assessment results with rewards and punishments, and the advanced units of grass-roots party building work ranked in the top three in the annual assessment comprehensive score, and reported praise throughout the county. At the same time, we should establish a supporting system such as the last interview, combine the notification ranking with the supervision and rectification, interview the units and responsible persons that fail to grasp the rectification work of party building and have low assessment results, order them to make rectification commitments, make public rectification plans, and carry out follow-up management, and urge party organization secretaries at all levels to focus on their main business and cultivate the "responsibility field" of party building ".
A year of "strict, fine, solid", the end of great achievements.
Dingxiang wins!
The tide was wide and the sail was just then.
Last year, Dingxiang County closely focused on the goal of "the city is the leader and the province is the benchmark", unswervingly focusing on party building, strengthening industry, promoting reform, rejuvenating the city, improving the ecology, and benefiting the people's livelihood. Economic and social development has achieved new results.
This spring, Dingxiang is more sober and difficult to win the championship. It is more difficult to win the championship. It is self-pressurizing and striving to create another brilliant future in the 2018 competition schedule of chasing after the deer and competing for the heroes!
Into the new era, standing in a new starting point! Today, Dingxiang is gathering an indestructible and powerful force, an unprecedentedly high morale, and a pragmatic and hard-working work style, stepping forward on the new journey of leapfrog development, and writing a new chapter of enriching the people and strengthening the county and a comprehensive well-off!
(Source: Xinzhou United Front)

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